Prevent and Fight Cancer with Veggies

Prevent and Fight Cancer with Veggies

Follow the phrase “you are what you eat” because it couldn’t be truer! Food is more powerful than you think! Don’t forget your veggies! They are extremely valuable because they provide you with vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, cleanse your system, and protect you from sickness and disease. Take charge of your health by incorporating smart eating into your daily life. Here’s how veggies are the best defense against cancer. Continue reading

Best Apps for a Healthier Life (Weight Loss, Fitness & Nutrition)

In this day and age, it’s important to take advantage of the things technology has to offer us. Easily accessible in the palms of our hands, technology can help make us healthier and happier, and full of knowledge. Get pumped on fitness and nutrition and expand your horizons to a better and brighter future. These five apps will make you think twice and act smart with your health in a fun and easy way!

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Top 10 Diet Mistakes

You figure as long as you’re on some sort of diet, that it must be the key to weight loss. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that can be wrong! If your clothes are getting too tight or you can’t keep the pounds off, it’s probably because you are making the diet mistakes that bring you right back to square one. Here are the biggest diet mistakes to avoid at all costs.

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