Benefits of Ketones

Ketones.  It’s a funny word.  If you just say it out loud, it might bring to mind some 1950’s a cappella singing group.  These days, you have probably been hearing about it in the form of “raspberry ketones” and how it is linked to weight loss.

But the truth of the matter is, ketones play an interesting role in health.  There is debate about taking supplements such as raspberry ketone products, and not too many actual human trials out there.  However the effect of ketones on your body is a documented fact.  I shall wave the wand of illumination on the subject, and you can decide for yourself.

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Are You Practicing Good Dental Hygiene Habits?

Proper dental hygiene is so important in order to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. Our overall well-being is increased by simply taking proper care of our teeth and gums, failing to do so could cut our lives short. Other results of poor dental hygiene include severe pain and periodontitis, which is inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth. Those with periodontitis are only serving to speed the aging process, while those with good dental health seem younger than their actual age in comparison. The American Dental Association reports that “there are a lot of studies that suggest that oral health, and gum disease in particular, are related to serious conditions like heart disease.”

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