10 Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas Under 500 Calories

These perfect summer supper ideas are all under 500 calories and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes! These low-calorie, healthy meals save you time, satisfy your taste buds, and give you nutrients to get you healthy and energized! Dessert included!

Healthy Meal

Entrée: Corn & Black Bean Pizza: around 315 calories
Not your typical pizza, but one that’s packed with protein. Add corn, black beans, tomatoes, onions, and cheese.
Side Dish: Broccoli salad: around 70 calories
Dessert: Fruit sorbet with blueberries: around 110 calories

Entrée: Chicken Pitas: around 330 calories
The cutest little meal you’ll ever make. Grill chicken breasts and fit inside whole-wheat pitas with fresh veggies like lettuce, tomato, carrots, and onions. Add a tangy yogurt or mustard sauce and enjoy!
Side Dish: Roasted eggplant with a sprinkling of feta: around 80 calories
Dessert: Roasted apples with cinnamon: around 50 calories

Entrée: Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans: around 325 calories
Pasta at its finest! This quick-one skillet dinner can be tossed with and all kinds of veggies, not just chard. Try spinach, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, and/or tomatoes—the possibilities are endless! Top it off with mozzarella.
Side Dish: Mixed greens with goat cheese and tomatoes: around 115 calories
Dessert: Chunky Peach Popsicles: around 33 calories

Entrée: Five-Spice Turkey & Lettuce Wraps: around 276 calories
These fun, Asian-inspired wraps will take your breath away. Serve with chile-garlic sauce and rice vinegar for extra kick.
Side Dish: Japanese cucumber salad: around 46 calories
Dessert: Hot fudge pudding cake: around 145 calories

Entrée: Beef & Bean Chile Verde: around 307 calories
Entice your taste buds with the slow-cook stew of pork, jalapenos and tomatillos. Try substituting with beef or salsa.
Side Dish: Quinoa with lime and avocado or sour cream:  around 115 calories
Dessert: Banana pudding pops: around 82 calories

Entrée: Southwestern or Soy Style Tofu: around 202 calories
Don’t be scared—cooking tofu stir-fry is quick and easy! Plus tofu is packed with protein and has fewer calories than meat. Serve with corn or put inside a corn tortilla. Or soak in a soy marinade and serve with sesame noodles: around 100 calories
Side Dish: Black beans with sour cream or mixed greens with vinaigrette: around 135 calories
Dessert: Low-fat Greek yogurt with strawberries: around 70 calories

Entrée: Greek Chicken Salad: around 343 calories
Mix chopped salad with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese with light salad dressing.
Side Dish: Pita bread: around 150 calories
Dessert: Grapefruit – around 30 calories

Entrée: Seared Steak: around 306 calories
Remember the correct meat portion should be equivalent to the size of your fist. Top with caramelized onions and gorgonzola cheese.
Side Dish: Red or sweet potatoes, asparagus, or chard: around 80 calories
Dessert: Gelato: around 50 calories

Entrée: Seared Chicken: around 252 Calories
Chicken paired with apricot sauce is the protein packed dinner. Add Steamed broccoli or spinach for an extra 20 Calories.
Side Dish: Mashed potatoes or quinoa: around 115 Calories
Dessert: Strawberry frozen yogurt: around 100 calories

Entrée: Salmon or Shrimp: around 200 calories
This lean and light meal will make you happy and healthy! Grill or broil, and add flavor with lime/lemon juice, chili powder, or pepper.
Side Dish: Brown rice or roasted sweet potatoes: around 100 calories
Dessert: Chocolate pudding or fruit parfait: around 115 calories

Here’s to a wonderful summer and achieving your health and weight goals—with one quick and healthy 500 calorie meal at a time!